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Talent Strategy


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The construction of talented workforce is one important force for promoting the company’s self innovation, technology improvement and core competitiveness. The company is making all efforts to build one highly qualified, well structured and enough higher level talents of technology, innovation and multiple abilities.
  Insisting on human orientation, the company creates mutual creditable and respectable cultural atmosphere for staff’s growth and improvement, more opportunity and space for the staff’s career planning, necessary conditions for the staff’s technology and management innovation, and gives approval and award for the staff making excellent contributions and performances. The company tries to realize the synchronization of the employees’ and the company’s values, the common growth of the employees and the company, and the mutual promotion.
  The company safeguards and protects the employees’ benefits, actively promotes the perfection and reform of salary, welfare, and insurance system, shows the characteristic of the work, embodies the work values and outstanding achievements, encourages higher level management, professional technology and important professional talents. The company follows the national overall requirements of building multiple level social insurance system, actively perfects all sorts of insurance systems, and makes sure of the basic insurance to safeguard the employees’ vital interests.
  The company attaches great importance to cultivate talents and respects the objective law of talent’s progress. To make training become the employees’ best welfare, the company helped employees of different levels find their own study methods. It is the group’s basic principle to think more and fire less.
  All rivers run into the sea. The company actively cultivates and chooses talents from inside, and at the same time, it introduces talent without sticking to one pattern to construct a talent team of higher levels. It is the company usual employing principle “even to make an exception for those with both talent and high morality, to cultivate those with high morality but less talent, to restrict the promotion of those with talent but less morality, and to give up those with out talent and morality”. The company can realize that “the talented are promoted, the incapable are disposed and the moderate are modest”.


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