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Family first aid kit is very important.


Family first aid kit is very important.

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Family first aid
Health is one of the basic conditions of a happy life. Having health will have everything. Some unexpected injuries and diseases often come unsolicited. If not handled properly, minor injuries and small lesions often turn into serious injuries and serious diseases. If you know some basic knowledge of first aid and nursing, when people around you have an accident, you can treat and care in an orderly way and every minute. In this way, the patient's pain can be lessen, and the occurrence of complications can be reduced.
People live in the family, and the family is a cell of the society. Accidental injuries and critical emergencies can occur in any environment and space, and are not limited by day and night. However, a large number of daily critical emergencies are most common at home. About 700,000 people die of heart disease emergencies every year in the United States. One-second of them die outside the hospital, i.e. at home and on the way to the hospital. According to a large number of daily statistics from January 1990 to June 1994 in Beijing Emergency Center, 88% of sudden deaths occurred in families. Age analysis of sudden death showed that the age group accounted for the highest proportion of 50~59 years old.
Some other accidents, such as taking the wrong medicine, food poisoning, gas poisoning, foreign body in trachea of children, choking of the elderly and so on, are also the most common environment for the family. Therefore, the first scene of first aid is family. First aid for families plays an important role in saving the lives of critically ill patients.
Emergency telephone is the first step of rescue. Many developed countries and developing countries attach great importance to the establishment of unified emergency telephone in their own countries or regions. Its purpose is self-evident. The unified emergency telephone can call the emergency department immediately to report the condition of the patient and ask for medical treatment without inquiring (easy to remember and brief) from the people around him when the patient is in a critical emergency. This is the most important first step for saving time and timely treatment. Emergency telephone is an important part of emergency communication system. Emergency communication system is the center of emergency response and the outpost of emergency work. It is responsible for the reception, transmission, call, command and coordination of emergency information, so that all aspects of emergency work outside the hospital and inside the hospital can be closely coordinated, react quickly and run without obstruction. When major disasters occur and a large number of casualties occur, the first aid communication system becomes the command and liaison system of national, urban, regional and medical first aid.
Household first aid kits generally contain various kinds of household commonly used medicines and emergency supplies, such as aspirin, antibiotic ointment, disinfection towel, cortisone, hand washing liquid, various specifications of gauze and bandage, quick-acting cold compress, emergency blanket, body temperature agent, tweezers, scissors, gloves and first aid guide; field first aid kits are also equipped with vacuum pumping. Venom, snake medicine, eye drops, cool oil, dispelling wind oil and so on.
For ordinary families, even if they cannot have a professional first aid kit, they should at least have the following items ready:
Alcohol cotton: used to disinfect hands and first-aid tools.
Cotton swabs: for cleaning small bleeding wounds.
Gloves and masks can prevent rescuers from being infected.
0.9% saline: used to clean wounds;
Sterile gauze: used to cover wounds;
Bandage: bandage is elastic for dressing wounds without hindering blood circulation.
Triangular Napkin: it can support injured upper limbs, fixed dressings or fracture places.
Safety pin: fixed triangle towel or bandage.
Adhesive tape: fixed gauze or bandage.
Band Aid: covers small wounds.
Round scissors: Round scissors are relatively safe, can be used to cut rubber cloth or bandages, if necessary, can also be used to cut clothes;
Pliers: the forceps can replace the hands with dressing or the dirt on the wound.
Flashlight: when it comes to rescue in dark environment, it can be illuminated, or pupil reaction for fainting people.
Whistle can be called for help in case of emergency.
In addition to the above items, commonly used medicines are also essential, such as aspirin for internal use, red medicine for external use, etc.
If there are special patients in your family, special arrangements should be made when placing first aid boxes. For example, people with heart disease should have nitroglycerin and other medicines; people with hypertension should have quick antihypertensive medicines such as Xintongding and Lixue Equality; people with diabetes should have drinking water and candy in their first aid kit.
With a first-aid kit, is it easy to sit back and relax? The answer is no, because if the first aid kit is not used for a long time, the drugs in it will probably expire, fail or even turn into toxic substances. Therefore, check the first aid kit at least every three months, replenish the used goods and medicines in time, and replace the expired and soon expired medicines. If it is found that the characteristics of the medicines have changed, such as dampness, discoloration, etc., it should also be handled in time. It is better to use a sealed first aid kit to prevent dampproof and antifouling.


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