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Necessary! Super first aid package can save lives at the critical moment.


Necessary! Super first aid package can save lives at the critical moment.

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"With this little first-aid kit, you can save your life at a critical moment!!!
No one wants to encounter accidents.
But there must always be preparation.
The right first aid has become a matter of life and death!!!
The emergency medical first aid kit, which is specially designed for emergency and unpredictable situations, is an outdoor, home and essential first aid kit for security. A small package can be used for emergencies at critical moments. Emergency medical first-aid kit contains all kinds of first-aid medicines and tools.
The first aid kit adopts modular design to solve all kinds of emergencies in time and effectively, so as to strive for more effective and valuable time for later treatment. It can be bandaged with large trauma and hemostasis.
In addition, it also includes a variety of first aid treatment groups, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, fracture fixation, scald treatment, sprain detumescence and so on.
Let's look at the following:
1. Small wound dressing module (including iodophor disinfectant, bandage and elastic bandage) is very suitable for all kinds of small wounds.
2. Fracture fixation module (including soft splint, elastic bandage, triangular first aid bandage) is used for various types of fracture injuries, which can minimize secondary injuries.
3. Scald treatment module (including ice bags, medical cotton sheets, elastic bandages) is suitable for daily scald treatment.
4. The hemostasis module for major trauma (including iodophor disinfectant, medical cotton sheet and tourniquet) is suitable for daily hemostasis treatment.
5. Sprain detumescence module (including ice bag and elastic bandage) should be used for detumescence and pain relief of soft tissue injury.
6. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation module (including check gloves, clean wipes, medical isolator) is suitable for sudden cardiac arrest and other sudden injuries, to seize the best rescue time.
In use, there is no need to worry about the operation methods of fracture, hemostasis, bandaging, etc. The first aid manual in the bag contains instructions; the illustrations and texts of accessories can let you know its usage at a glance!!!
Open and use, so that the first aid can be used at the first time.
There is no need for larger space for smaller size, so that storage can be more convenient, whenever and wherever possible.
In the most plain and easy-to-understand way, and in the first time out-of-use, effectively save the most precious time, is simply outdoor, home, the protection of essential life-saving artifacts ah....
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